Top 7 Theft Prevention Ideas for LED Light Bars

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Top 7 Theft Prevention Ideas for LED Light Bars

Top 7 Theft Prevention Ideas for LED Light Bars

Top 7 Theft Prevention Ideas to prevent people from stealing your LED Light Bar

You’ve done your research. You’ve spent countless hours looking at all the different LED Lights on the market. You finally commit and purchase your dream 40 inch, 400-watt,  35,200 lumen light bar. It’s amazing. It turns night into day. You love it….and then it disappears.

Here’s the thing: you are not the only one. LED light bars have been a recent target for thieves looking for the easy-to-grab, easy-to-sell item. The light bars are valuable products, worth hundreds of dollars, even ranging up to $2000+, and can easily be turned around and re-sold for a good price due to their value. Don’t put your light in someone else’s hands. Protect your investment with these top 7 theft prevention ideas for LED light bars.

  1. Buy anti-theft nuts. Security nuts or one-way bolts, such as those used on stop signs, are tamper-proof, and therefore allow you to secure your property. Anti-theft nuts have specially designed notches in unique styles to prevent the average person from having the correct tool to be able to walk up, loosen off and take whatever is bolted down.
  2. Use epoxy on the end of the existing bolts. This will not make it impossible to get the light bars off, but when thieves take a look at what the bolts are like, it might be enough of a deterrent to stop them from trying. Anything that requires a thief extra time or resources is beneficial.
  3. Weld tabs onto the bolts. The tabs will make it extremely difficult to get the bolts off without making a ton of noise, which should also be a deterrent to a thief trying to get the job done without being noticed.
  4. Custom fabricate a mounting design. In fabricating your own mount for the light bar, you can create a design that incorporates some of the above listed components.
  5. Park your vehicle in the light. While you may love to drive in the dark to demonstrate the power of your new light bar, don’t give the thieves a chance to have your car in the dark. After you finish your drive in the dark, park under a streetlight to help prevent anyone from even attempting to steal what is yours. If you are parking at home, make sure the light bar is facing the street, so that if a thief tries to steal it, others will see them doing it. If the light bar is facing your home, there is a greater chance the thief can go undetected in the shadows.
  6. Even better than parking in the light, is to park in secure parking. If this is available to you, it will be one of your best defenses from theft.
  7. Take the light bar off of your vehicle when not in use. While this is not always convenient, you will be able to prevent theft. Leave the light bar in a secure place, and only put it on when you are going on a trip that requires it.


In the end, our best defence is to use common sense. Think through the best strategies for your situation, in order to protect your valuable property. All of us at the Earthtrack Group, we know you have worked hard to purchase this enjoyable addition to your driving experience. Protect your investment with a small cost in any of the ways listed above.


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