LED Solar Pole 30 W

The EARTHTRACK XTREME 60 W SOLAR POLE is the New Generation extreme weather rated and high performance LED lighting. It is equipped with waterproof solar panels, full 360° adjustment and an eight hour fast charge solar battery (capable of providing light for up to five nights in the absence of additional sunlight), a regulator with thermal control and automatic day/night sensor, high output low voltage LED light with 5 year warranty.

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Product Description

The EARTHTRACK All-In-One SOLAR POLE (30w) is your answer to

security, safety and general lighting issues that could only be remedied with hard wired lighting. Now, there is no need to dig up your yard or run a noisy generator to power your lights.

The EARTHTRACK All-In-One SOLAR POLE (30w) will run for 4 nights on a full solar charge (8 hours of direct sunlight). The light includes a photo-cell automatic on/off, and power management system that runs at 30% until motion activated, then flashing to life up to 3600 Lumen of ultra-bright and even lighting.

All-In-One Solar Pole available in break back and telescopic designs.

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